This territory is well known throughout the hunting community and it isn’t hard to realize why! The area was owned and operated by Bob Milligan for 27 years and is the largest guide territory in British Columbia and with the largest territory comes the largest game. Clients from around the world continuously contact Bob in hopes that he can assist them in harvesting some of the world’s biggest mountain goat and  grizzly bear hunts if and when reopened. Personally guiding well over 1000 hunters with an incredible success rate it is safe to say that Bob Milligan is one of if not the world’s best guide outfitter and was awarded North American Professional Hunter of the Year 2018. Some of Bob’s greatest trophy’s include the number one Pope-Young mountain goat harvested in 2006, the number one muzzleloader grizzly bear taken in 2012, and countless other high ranking entry’s. Bob is the grandfather of winter goat hunting until the end of February and is responsible for the 100% success rate that SCI hunters have enjoyed for years; he claims that this is his biggest hunting highlight.

British Columbia without a doubt contains some of the most hostile and unforgiving terrains in the world; from swift flowing rivers to snow capped mountains it is safe to say that it is not to be taken lightly. Despite the extreme landscape British Columbia is also home to an array of majestic yet deadly wildlife: moose, mountain goats, grey wolves, black bear, and the infamous coastal grizzly bear. Only the strongest and most highly trained of people have what it takes to make a living in the dangerous backcountry of British Columbia; these frontiers men are known as Guide Outfitters. Guide Outfitters belong a foundation called Guide Outfitters Association of British Columbia or GOABC for short. Hunting and fishing in the highest black bear and grizzly bear populated area of the province lives Bob Milligan who is undoubtedly the heart and soul of guiding in British Columbia.


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