Black Bear Hunting

Our area has a very good reputation for producing large black bears. Black bears in excess of 7 half feet have been harvested annually. The reason for such big black bears is simple! A combination of a long growing season, the abundance of berries and a high protein diet of salmon which the black bears enjoy in the fall. We also have an area that produces Island bears. See Jim Zumbo"s article "Surfside bruins" below.

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Our huge guide area supports many river systems. We hunt areas only accessible by jet boat. The scenery is breathtaking . Black bears concentrate on the mountain slopes and river banks feasting on the first available green grass after emerging from hibernation. The average black bear harvested are in the 6.5'-7' range with the odd bear surpassing 7 feet, hair quality is excellent. Camps consist of cabins and wall tents. This is a quality hunt, expect to see many bears!



Black bear hunting in the spring is mostly done on the ocean shoreline, where bears concentrate on the first available green grass after emerging from hibernation. We cruise the inlets and fjords in search for trophy black bears. They are often congregated on massive tidal grass flats, it is not uncommon to see 3-4 mature bears feeding in one place. This hunt is especially suited for hunters with limited physical abilities or for hunters that just want to relax and enjoy the comfort of a boat hunt. Salmon, king crab and prawns are caught on a daily basis.



Black bear hunting in the fall is similar to our spring hunt. We cruise the inlets and fjords and hunt the many salmon rivers in the area. We walk or jet boat the many rivers and creeks in search of the trophy black bears. This is a very exciting hunt with many close encounters, great for bow hunters. Fall hunting is complimented by excellent salmon fishing and daily crab feasts available on this hunt.


trauck-atv-hunt.jpgQuality bears! Hunt the many different valleys accessible by truck and atv. We hunt the logging cut blocks and mountains slopes. Our guide area has endless opportunity for this hunting method. My neighbors on Vancouver Island hunt this exact same way with great results. Years of logging in this area has created a vast network of roads and great bear habitat. The black bear population has exploded in this region with 7 of the top 10 black bear in B.C. taken right here in the north coast. We boast 100% opportunity on record bears. As with all our hunts they are a spot and stalk hunt. We do not use bait or dogs.

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Our area has a very good reputation for producing large black bears.…



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